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We absolutely love our new roof! Everything went smoothly and the new roof looks amazing. We highly recommend Williams Roofing Co, Inc.
~ Waukesha Roofing Customer

Our new roof was installed quickly and communication throughout the project was great. We have the best roof in our neighborhood and the shingle color matches our home perfectly. We were so happy that we chose Williams Roofing Co, Inc.
~ Mukwonago Roofing Customer


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Frequently asked questions & Roofing Facts

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who/what is certainteed?
CertainTeed is a manufacturer of roofing materials and shingles. They guarantee CertainTeed roofing products and system for 20 years. Not only do we comply with CertainTeed standards, we're certified. This means that every installation we perform is guaranteed in advance. We went through vigorous training and testing to prove that we can install roofing materials in compliance with manufacturer standards.

What does the certainteed warranty cover?
If you have any problems with your roof whatsoever, Williams Roofing Co, Inc. is there for you with their extensive warranty. If you would like to read more about our warranty please click here.

What should I look for in a roof installation?
A roof should be installed to manufacturer specifications. The manufacturer provides guidelines to ensure their products last as long as possible. Following these guidelines allows for the maximum life span of your roof. We will ensure everything is working properly prior to leaving the job site.

What is Ice Damming?
Ice damming is when moisture isn't ventilated correctly in the attic. When heat builds up, it will melt snow on the roof causing ice to form in your gutters. This can be prevented by proper attic ventilation and proper roof installation. In order to prevent ice damming we check all soffit vents and make sure they are free of debris or insulation. We also take the dimension of your roof to ensure we install enough roof/ridge vents to allow proper cross ventalation.

Will you check my attic for proper ventilation?
Yes, every attic is checked and fixed if we find any issues.

How does the pricing work?
We will provide you with an honest and fair quote after we visit your home. This quote includes all labor and material costs. The price of the quote is for the most part, what you can expect. If we run into unexpected challenges with your particular home, we will notify you promptly and take appropriate action to resolve the problem quickly and without incurring extra costs to you.

will your quote be accurate?
Yes, our quotes are known for being accurate. We have built a business philosophy around being fair and honest to our customers. We may not always be the cheapest, but you can expect superior products and service without the extra markup.

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