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We're an honest company dedicated to your roofing needs. We won't over sell or under cut. Our crew is certified and highly trained to give you the best roof and the best service in the process. If that doesn't prove it, read our testimonials...

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20 year certainteed certified warranty
Why choose anyone else? We offer you the most elite warranty in the industry. CertainTeed, a leader in roofing standards, certifies only the best roofing contractors. Our warranty is automatically guaranteed! If you don’t see a Shingle Master CertainTeed logo, don’t trust the warranty! Many companies boast about lengthy warranties but have no actual guarantee. If a roof isn’t installed properly most warranties are void the day after installation. You may not even be aware of this until a problem arises. Don’t allow this to happen to your home. You can trust in our SureStart CertainTeed Certified 20 Year warranty!

SureStart is 100% coverage... even labor
All shingles required to repair or replace the defective product will be provided free. no exceptions. All labor required to repair defective shingles or apply new shingles to replace defective shingles will be paid by CertainTeed, based on local fair market value of labor. The CertainTeed warranty with SureStart protection can be transferred from the original consumer to the subsequent property owner during the SureStart PLUS period for the remaining duration of the warranty.

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